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The WUTTO Dutch Open 2016 took place on one of the hottest days this summer, August 27,  in Table Tennis Center Hilversum, the ‘media city’ of The Netherlands.


There were many categories, but the most important ones were the Men’s and Women’s singles. 


And for the third time in a row, the winner’s name was… Chris Doran.
The impressive Englishman took the trophy after an interesting and attractive final against Michel Hinricher from Germany.



The women’s final was a Holland vs. Germany battle. As expected, Dutch talent Ruby Tangerman took the no 1 position, with Katharina Kiehl as runner-up.




Super Class singles

1. Chris Doran (Eng) 3:1 (11:2 11:5 8:11 11:7)

2. Michel Hinricher (Ger)

3. Arnoud Meijer (Neth) 3:1 (11:4 9:11 11:8 11:1)

4. John Nilsson (Swe)



1. Ruby Tangerman (Neth)

2. Katharina Kiehl (Ger)

3. Angelique van den Bosch (Neth)



1. John Nilsson (Swe) & Arnoud Meijer (Neth) 3:2 (9:11 11:5 11:6 9:11 11:3)

2. Chris Doran (Eng) & Ruby Tangerman (Neth)

3/4. Michel Hinricher (Ger) & Kelvin Heemstra (Neth)


3/4. Laurens Faas & Roel van der Steeg (Neth)


Maak kennis met de toppers van de WUTTO


Chris Doran

De Engelsman is tweevoudig WUTTO-wereldkampioen. Chris Doran won in 2014 in de finale van de Nederlandse topper Arnoud Meijer.

Annemarie Zijnstra

De Groningse was zowel in 2013 als 2014 wereldkampioene hardbat. In het 'moderne' tafeltennis speelt Annemarie in de eerste divisie.

Martin Groenewold

Martin is de eerste officiële Nederlandse WUTTO-kampioen. In 2008 legde hij in Hilversum beslag op de wereldtitel in het enkelspel.