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Hotel Lapershoek


December 30, 2017 - Hilversum, The Netherlands


The tradition continues! As always between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the WUTTO World Championships Standard Bats will take place in the largest Dutch table tennis hall (22 tables) in Hilversum (near Amsterdam).

Players from all over the world are welcome to participate in this unique 1 day event, where all competitors are able to play many matches for an affortable price.  The tournament is open for everyone: top players as well as beginners. 

The categories are:

Singles (Vigor, hardbat with short pimples out)

Superclass Open


Juniors (Under 18)

A class (also for the first round losers in the Superclass)

B class

C class

D class

In the evening: Open Class with Sandpaper bats


Doubles categories

A class

B class

Mixed doubles

In the top class Martin Groenewold and Ruby Tangerman, the 2016 champions, will defend their title. There are, however, some formidable players who will try to ‘steal’ the throne from Martin and Ruby. Among others:

* from Sweden: John Nilsson (2016 semi finalist) and Anton Andersson (‘the new kid on the block’)
* from Germany:
Michel Hinricher (2016 runner-up)
* from Holland:
Reginald Kraaijenbrink a.k.a. The Viking (2016 semi finalist)
* from England (not yet confirmed):
Chris Doran (triple world champion, 2013-15)
* from Holland:
Annemarie Zijnstra (triple world champion, 2013-15)


All the champions: 


1. Before the tournament starts, the organizing committee will put the bats on the tables.
2. The bats stay during the whole tournament on (the same half) of the table. Even when players change sides during half time in the final set, there will be a change of bats. In this way an eventual difference of bats will be neutralized.
3. During the tournament: sets will be played until 11, with a 2 points difference at the end of the sets.
4. Matches will be 2, 3 or 5 winning sets.
5. During the sandpaper tournament, sets will be played until 15.  The double point is allowed, but this may never lead to a decision in the set / match. ‘Sudden Death’ at 14-14 is also allowed.
6. The serve can either be played with the backhand or with the forehand. The ball is not allowed to be played out of the hand. The ball has to be hit at least 5 cm from the free hand and the bat.
7. Balls 40 mm



Vaartweg 52


Amrâth Hotel Lapershoek Arenapark
Utrechtseweg 16
1213 TS Hilversum
T: +31 35 623 1341

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E: 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。
T: +31(0)683 972 967


Maak kennis met de toppers van de WUTTO


Chris Doran

De Engelsman is tweevoudig WUTTO-wereldkampioen. Chris Doran won in 2014 in de finale van de Nederlandse topper Arnoud Meijer.

Annemarie Zijnstra

De Groningse was zowel in 2013 als 2014 wereldkampioene hardbat. In het 'moderne' tafeltennis speelt Annemarie in de eerste divisie.

Martin Groenewold

Martin is de eerste officiële Nederlandse WUTTO-kampioen. In 2008 legde hij in Hilversum beslag op de wereldtitel in het enkelspel.